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About the Prescott Flying Club


Club History

The Prescott Flying Club was established in 1968 at a small grass strip in Prescott, Wisconsin with a single Cessna 150. In the 1970s the club gradually added to the fleet and membership. Being a grass strip, the club typically spent the winter at nearby Fleming Field (SGS) in order to keep the club flying. After several lengthy winters, the club decided to relocate it’s base to Fleming Field year-round. By the late 1980s, the city of Prescott had decided to close down the grass strip entirely. Since that time, the club has thrived and expanded while at South St. Paul Fleming Field (SGS), where we currently reside. Out of respect for our heritage we have retained the name of our humble beginnings at the little grass strip in Prescott.


The Club Today

Today our fleet consists of a Piper Warrior, Piper Archer, Piper Arrow II, and a 2004 Cirrus SR-20. Hourly rates are calculated “wet” (with fuel included) and fuel purchased off-field is credited at the current price of fuel at Fleming Field.  We charge tach time instead of Hobbs, and for certain types of flying (e.g. pattern work, or IFR with ground delays) this can result in considerable savings. Rates are revised monthly to keep up with the actual costs of flying the aircraft. We regularly hold club events that range from plane washes and meetings to training sessions and fly-outs. All members in good standing with the club and current to fly our aircraft are covered by the club’s insurance policy.




South St Paul Fleming - KSGS

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