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Learn To Fly At Prescott!

Flight training is not cheap, but membership in Prescott Flying Club can help you get your pilot's license in quality aircraft for considerably less than the local flight school.

* Our certified flight instructors will work with you to tailor a training program for success.* Our CFIs fly because they enjoy teaching, not because they need to log the hours.* Instructor fees are paid directly to the instructor and are typically cheaper than FBOs.* Aircraft rentals at Prescott Flying Club are greatly reduced over FBO rates.* Our hourly rates include all fees. No fuel surcharge is added to the rate.* We charge based on tach time, not hobbs time that FBOs charge.* This can result in up to a 20% discount for local flights and pattern work.* Fuel at Fleming Field is priced competitively, further reducing our rates.* Enjoy the freedom to take long flights once you get your license.* Prescott Flying Club does not have minimum fees for extended reservations.

Contact us today and learn how we easy it is to fly. We have members of every skill level from student pilot to private pilot, commercial pilots, certified flight instructors, and airline transportation pilots. The support offered by your fellow members will help you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot!

Pilots in Aircraft

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